What is RealStream?

Secure Video Communications with your members

The possibilities are endless with a secure connection over the internet. Anything from doctor records to social security information can all be transferred securely now through Peer-2-Peer enabled browsers

Premium Extensions

Our extensions are more like completely different applications. We make sure we create extensions that will add premium value to our customers. Without useless features or copycat interfaces!

Make Alot of money with us!

Our plugin gives you the system you need to manage all your paid appointments, invoicing system to charge your members for video chat, and gives you a platform to interactive with members like never before.

So how does it work?

Step 1: Users Log-In

Are you a band, motivational speaker, author, artist, or professional blog owner? Then you probably have people that are willing to pay a premium to have a one-on-one with you. So when they visit your site, they have a widget that enables them to buy time with you. They set a time and pay for the cost you set.

Step 2: You log-in

Within you admin panel, you have the capabilities to see who has bought time with you and once you approve, the transaction is made and the booking is complete. Here you can manage your available time, set your rates, install extensions, and approve or disapprove any appointment prospect. 

Step 3: Show Time!

At the designated time, your booking admin will signal for your upcoming appointment. Once both users log-in, you will be able to share whatever context you chose to present to your members. If its just audio and screen sharing, or video and audio, or video, audio, slideshows, documents, games. The possibilities are endless